Our Process

Resource allocation
The first and the very important phase of the software development is proper allocation to that software. If the allocation of the project is good then that project will go very good. The allocation process is like: Senior person is the Project Manager from our side will manage the packages, db, uploading process, task assigning along with coding, communication and all responsibility to the project. Junior person(s) is/are responsible to do the task assigned by the project manager in time robustly.

Gathering Requirement
The life of the project depends upon how it was analyzed at the initial stage. The requirement is analyzed by the senior person who may be the Project Manager or may not be. The senior person goes to the provided document thoroughly and derives the tasks from them. Those tasks are then confirmed by Project Manager (Client end). According the Database is designed and again confirmed by PM (Client end).Same for the design of the site.

Project Development
Now comes the action part. The tasks are going to be complete one by one. In some advance project there are some tasks which require R&D work. The senior person will do that R&D work. All other tasks are divided in a way that no one has too much work load and no one is free, so the load balancing is done by the Project Manager of that project.

Project Testing
After the completion of the tasks it goes through testing. First testing is done by the programmer secondly the Project Manager (may be skip) and then the tester. If the tester found the task faulty then this task is assigned again to the developer who did that task. If the task is through to tester then it is assigned to the Project Manager so that the task can be uploaded. If the bug is small then immediately it will be solved and uploaded but if the fault is big then it will take a bit of time to finalize the product.

Quality Management
To achieve product quality we test product on different scenarios with different types of users in which non-technical users also include.

Implementation & Maintenance
Mostly after the software is deployed the maintenance is managed by the Project Manager himself and the programmer who worked on it. Project Manager will allocate the tasks to the related programmer. And of course the testing and related things will be repeated for every single maintenance task.

Why Choose Us ?

Itxgen are working very hard to satisfy our client needs using right technology for the proposed system. Our team is very motivated towards learning the actual need of of clients and deciding the technology to be used.